The Fate of Magic

Greetings and Welcome

A Summary of Plans

Welcome, welcome!

So, this is pretty simple. This is “The Fate of Magic”. This will be the first and probably only OOC Adventure Log post. David and I plan to have it open to a player to write the adventure log if they’d like. So, first and foremost the plan is to meet on Saturday and have a group meeting. David will need to cut out early this one time, so the very important items will be handled first.
There will we introduce ourselves, our characters, and discuss the house rules in detail. Questions will be welcome. We’d also spend time taking votes for such decisions as exact game time, player absences, calling off a session, OOC, interplay conflicts, and other important decisions for the group. Some character generation can also be done at this time.


Galatea88 Galatea88

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