The land of Iriad has always been steeped in magic. The casters of the divine magics had been around for as long as anyone could remember, but the world of magic was changing. A new, arcane magic was seeping into the world and its wielders were few and far in between. They were brave, curious souls. The explored the unknown within the human soul as well as the mysteries of the mystical. As with anything new, there were those that feared and hated these magicians. Fortunately, after much toil and prejudice, the magic-wielders managed to convince the people that, though a few were out for evil gains, most were using their magic for the greater good.
As for those who were trying to use the magic for evil purposes, they were quickly rooted out and stopped by their less-evil peers. The balance of magic was soon in place and the land was happy and relatively safe. The many factions of magic got along well despite their differences. Within a generation, the knowledge of the arcane was starting to pile up and led to libraries of tomes. These became refuges and gathering places for those of kindred hearts and minds. Magic slowly started to make the world a better place.
However, ten years ago, that peace was broken. An evil wizard named Elakas tried to use his magic to found his own empire. King Meric and his knights couldn’t make headway against a undead army that could could rise as his men fell. But all was not lost.
A young wizard named Lionel boldly entered the King’s tent and proclaimed that he had a revolutionary idea. Now, the divine magic that was being used by the clerics, druids, paladins and other classes under command of the king was the most effective against the undead. There were only two problems: the range of the spells and the lack of practitioners. He proposed combining the magics, divine and arcane. For every divine magician, he would provide an arcane spellcaster. He could teach all of them his latest magic: amplification. The wizard or sorcerer could then channel and amplify the divine spell, widening its range and effectively multiplying its range for every user in its range. This new way of fighting turned the tide in the war. Soon, the army of Elakas was being pushed back. The focus then turned to Elakas himself.
Lionel delivered again. After weeks of seclusion, studying and research, he emerged with a spell to breach the Tomb of Horrors. The strike team of cleric and paladins crossed the portal with ease. The final battle with Elakas was quick and bloody. The team returned with the wizard’s head. The king was overjoyed and Lionel was bestowed with numerous honors for his bravery and service. The land finally returned to the ideal home it was.
Softly, however, rumors have spread. Great magical pieces are disappearing. Small factions of magic-wielders found murdered. What evil has returned to Iriad?

The Fate of Magic

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